Welcome to Don’t Cut! This is my personal blog where I post my favorite stories from the world of rally racing! The era from the 1970s through 1990s has so many fascinating stories, of cars, teams, and events, and I want to share them with you! From rally fans to those with no knowledge of the sport, all are welcome!

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A Man Called Possum: Stories of Rallying Nicknames

What’s in a name?  For so many different reasons, a nickname can tell a lot about a person, which is why the concept has always been generally interesting to me. We know our heroes by their nicknames as much as by their given names. In the world of rallyesport, this paradigm continues! As my readers…

Gambling on Four-Wheel Drive: Part 3 – The Payoff

It’s a new decade! 1980 brings brand new seasons of motorsports around the world, and new opportunities for teams, crews, and manufacturers to show they’ve made the right moves and bet on the right hands. The World Rally Championship has received its updated rules for the 1980 season, including the allowance for 4WD vehicles to…